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Turn geo-tags into revenue. Every time you tag a destination, hotel, or experience, we automatically generate a dedicated deeplink which you can add to your story or bio. We can also activate a booking button on your blog or site.


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Track which content is performing best. Every booking influenced by your images and posts earns you revenue. Saved itineraries can still generate revenue if booked at a later date. Our affiliate deeplinks never expire.


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Get closer to your followers and learn which images and geo-tags are driving engagement and converting the most. We provide you with data and access to track your followers' behavior after they save or book your recommended itineraries.


Curate your
world. puts you in control. Create your own personalized collections, add hotels and experiences directly on our platform or let our algorithms dynamically generate relevant recommendations and deeplinks using Artificial Intelligence based on your travel content and images.


A modern travel affiliate platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze your travel content or Instagram posts and generate hyper-relevant recommendations for each user, allowing them to book seamlessly without leaving your site or Instagram.

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